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Roy Warren was a founder and CEO of a small public company called Bravo Brands from 1997 to 2007. Bravo developed America’s first vitamin-fortified, branded consumer friendly flavored milk line.  Having introduced shelf stable bottled flavored milk in 2003, Roy led the company to develop 24 separate skus and in the spring of 2005, consummated a master distribution agreement with Coca Cola Enterprises, the largest beverage distribution company in America.  That relationship led to dramatic sales growth, significant capital requirements and material valuation improvement for Bravo Brands. During the time the agreement was in place, the market capitalization of Bravo increased from approximately $20mm to over $300mm.  The company raised approximately $10 million in working capital prior to 2005 and during 2005 and 2006 raised an additional $50mm to fund the capital needs for new supply agreements. Bravo ramped up human resources and enormous growth in inventory and receivables. Roy left Bravo after 10 years and immediately, in late 2007, founded Attitude Drinks to develop functional protein delivery drinks made with ultra-filtered milk. This new company was a victim of the capital crisis that emerged in the 2008 to 2009 “great recession”.  While Attitude introduced the first real milk, shelf stable, eco-friendly protein recovery drink in America in 2010, the company eventually succumbed to inadequate working capital and ceased operation in 2015. 
Andy Schamisso was the Founder and President of Inko’s White Tea for 12 years ending in 2015.  Andy successfully commercialized the line of all natural RTD white teas and sold the company and drink brand to a private brand developer in 2015.  He created the brand for the discerning consumer and the entire offerings (17 skus in all) were low carb/calorie and/or totally unsweetened. Andy was the first to introduce RTD white tea to the beverage market. He successfully built the brand via its delivery of great taste, rich nutrients and low carbs.  The brand sells well to this day across the Country. Andy’s attention to unique, healthy great tasting tea is evident in our development of the five flavors Gratitude will launch first.
Mike Edwards, is the current owner of Car Pro Auto Spa in Stuart, Florida, a position he has held since 2008. He is an entrepreneur with extensive executive and marketing professional experience spanning 26 years in business development, promotion, strategic planning, and finance. He previously worked as the Executive Vice President of International Sales and Marketing at the Bravo! Brands International Corporation. He also served in the United States Navy Reserve as a Lieutenant for five years and brings his experience in private financial banking and indusry experience with Bravo! Brands to his board.
Jack Shea has been involved in the sales and marketing of food and beverages for over 35 years. Mr. Shea has directed the sales and marketing efforts of soft drink bottlers, RTD tea brewers, beer, wine and spirits importers and shelf stable milk companies. He has also led the US divisions of companies from China, Israel and the United Kingdom. Since 2009, Mr. Shea has been Director of Parish Ministries of Religious education at Saints John and Paul Parish and School in Mamaroneck, NY. Mr. Shea was ordained a Deacon in the Catholic Church in 2010 and now devotes his talents and abilities to taking care of the poor and the sick and also teaching in a Catholic School.  It goes without saying that Deacon Shea is well suited to be our director.

Bruce Zanca  is a master communications strategist, and message architect.        Mr. Zanca is an expert in public, investor, and media relations, crisis communications, and corporate marketing He has worked as a “C-Suite” communications executive at four publicly traded businesses; assisting three to complete initial public offerings and helping one to become private. He served as a White House spokesperson and communications advisor for three presidential administrations.  His career spans more than 30 years building award-winning “earned media campaigns” for companies to gain positive exposure in broadcast, print, and social media. On December 31, 2014 Mr. Zanca retired as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing/Communications Officer at Bankrate, Inc.  (NYSE: RATE).  During his ten year tenure at Bankrate, Inc. the company made 16 corporate acquisitions and grew in market capitalization from approximately $100 Million to as much as $2.2 Billion. Since January, 2014 Mr. Zanca has operated, Zanca Associates, a boutique communications, marketing, and investor relations consultancy. Mr. Zanca is a qualified director for the Company based on his vast experience. 



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