The Mission of Gratitude Health is to seek long-term profitable growth and effectually support the health of our customers via unique, great-tasting products.


About Gratitude


Founded by:

Andy Schamisso (Founder and President of Inko’s White tea for 12 years)


Roy Warren (Founder and CEO of Bravo Blends for 10 years)

Corporate Mission: To never produce a product that in any way will adversely affect the health of our customer.

The Products

45 Calories of Healthy

All of our products are made with 100% organic ingredients and are all either low in sugar or totally sugar-free. Each bottle contains no more than 45 calories, and while we are speaking about bottles…our 16 oz proprietary bottles feature collectible debossed designs intended to be reused and repurposed.

We are tired of status-quo and we are ready for something different. Something that is healthy and delicious. Something that makes us feel good because we are part of something larger than ourselves.

So we made gratitude.

For the good in you.

Our Ingredients


The Buying Trend:

Today, odds are that one in three Americans will contract a form of cancer compared with one in seventeen Americans in 1940. Most agree that cigarette smoking is the main contributor but empty nutrition (sugar, grain, processed foods and refined carbohydrates) is a close second.

Gratitude will include nutrient-rich formulations that focus on carb and sugar reduction and feature such anti-cancer ingredients as essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Routes to Market

1. Direct-to-Retail sales (grocery, big box, and drug chains).

2. Direct Store Delivery (DSD) with shelf management for C-stores, specialty accounts, and such institutions as colleges and universities.

3. Direct-to-Consumer sales via the internet. We will partner with Amazon for fulfillment.

Gratitude Identifiers

1. First RTD – Mason Jar tea offering.

2. Opportunistic health conscious and low carb beverage to support growing demand.

3. RTD tea that delivers on health promises to evolving market.

4. High-quality ingredients. Handmade. Small Batch

Eco- appeal bottles

Our 16 oz glass bottles, with easy peel labels, can be repurposed and recycled.

The only RTD mason jar on the market.

Organic Appeal

Low carb and low sugar (or no sugar) options available to meet growing demand for alternative beverage choices.

Low-Carb Keto Friendly Drinks

Small Batch & Hand Made

As if it wasn't enough to finally bring a healthy and delicious drink to the world, we decided we'd take it a step further and pan-roast our tea by hand to make sure you never get grassy aftertaste or bitter flavor. Only naturally sweet swigs of glory.

Order Online

Taking our product back to basics, and only including natural ingredients does not mean that we are behind the times. You can order your gratitude tea right here, and have it shipped to your door. We wrap each case in love and good will, stamp your famous name on the label, and send it your way.

Made with Gratitude

We decided that it was time for a large company to start showing appreciation and respect to their customers. We are committed to doing that by not only providing the world's greatest tea, but also by naming our tea after how we feel about you. Drink in the gratitude, and pass it on.